Outdoor cooking all year round.

You don’t only want to use your outdoor kitchen in the warm summer months, but also during the colder seasons?

In addition to your individually tailored and, above all, weather-resistant outdoor kitchen that can be used all year round, with FLAM.E Outdoor-Living we also offer the right outdoor heating systems. So when preparing punch, chestnuts or Martini goose during the Christmas season, there is no more freezing in the outdoor area.

Our manufacturers in the field of heating systems, specially selected according to our quality criteria, convince us at FLAM.E because of certain characteristics.

  • Lighting, heating and cooling for outdoor use 
  • Quality from Belgium
  • High quality standards and sustainability factor
  • Elegant, attractive and exclusive design
  • Various finishes and colours
  • Multifunctional use
  • Dome series: heating, light and music source in one
  • Beam series: The slim all-rounder offers heating and light
  • Leaf series: shade or light? Heating or cooling? Possible uses according to preference
  • Wide range of innovative gas, electric and portable heaters.
  • Market leader in the manufacture of the highest quality radiant heaters
  • Best quality and product grade
  • Aesthetic and functional
  • ISO9001 certification
  • Award-winning Smart-Heat range with infrared technology
  • Sophisticated design
  • Fine and selected materials
  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficient
  • Can be used in both the domestic and commercial sectors
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient control with remote control

Ask us today. We will be happy to find the right heating systems for your individual outdoor area.